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Ellen is a swedish/italian singer who works in many different fields of music. She moves between jazz, world music, singer/song writing, and other genrers. She is one of few flamenco singers in Scandinavia and likes to call herself a "voice investigator".

Ellen has a degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm where she studied both singing and piano. After her studies she decided to deepen her interest and skills for the flamenco singing. For two years she studied in Spain with, amongst others, the legendary flamenco singer Naranjito de Triana. Ellen is now one of the most required flamenco singers in Scandinavia. She frequently gives classes in flamenco singing in Sweden.


Ellen is currently working with the circus company The Circus for the Cilmate (France) and their new production "Les lettres d'amour".

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In September 2017 she released her first solo album as a flamenco singer, "ENTRE DOS MUNDOS", an album with her own music and lyrics, in collaboration with the guitarist Erik Steen and Piedra Music Production. Published by the record label DO MUSIC RECORDS on the 29th of September 2017.

In November 2016 Ellen's documentary "Origins - a window towards voices", received a prize at the international Film & TV-festival The Northern Character in Murmansk, Russia.

The documentary shows a musical and cultural encounter between the flamenco song and the swedish indigenous people's way of singing, the sami jojk.

Are you interested in the movie, please go to:


For more than 20 years working as a singer Ellen has always been collaborating with several art expressions, leading to many shows and productions during the years with dancers, actors, story tellers and circus artists.

For three years she also took part of the "house band" (cuadro) at the Stockholm Flamencotablao, FlamencoFredag@Odenplan.


Abroad Ellen has earlier performed in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Former Yugoslavia, Spain, Holland and France.


Photo: Roland Pantze


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